Setup your laptop wifi as an Access Point

Many of my friends asked me how I use my laptop's wifi as an access point for iPhone and other wifi enabled devices. So I have written a small guide for all of them here. Before doing anything please make sure that you are connected to the internet and drivers for your wifi card are installed and ready to use.

Okay here we go:

1. First open the Network Connections, by right clicking on a network connection icon and selecting "Open Network Connections"

2. Right click on your internet connection (LAN, Modem, etc) and click Properties.

3. Click on Advanced tab, then tick on "Allow other network..." and click OK.

4. Right click on your wifi connection and click Properties.

5. Open the Wireless Networks tab and click Add in Preferred Networks frame.

6. Setup according to the picture below, you might like to write something else in place of "asad"

7. In Wifi Connection Properties window, click Advanced.

8. Tick the "Any available network" option and click Close.

9. Click OK on the Wifi Connection Properties window.

That's it, search for wifi network from your iPhone or any other device (PDA, Smartphones, Laptops) and connect.